Linux: Make grep FAST

I’m a searcher. I always grep for things. I use fun commands like: vim -p `grep -lR xyz .` Which finds all files containing xyz and automatically opens them as tabs in vim ( doesn’t work too well when a ton of files are found though 😉 ). At times however, grep’s just… a bit […]

Windows 7: Set GVIM as Default Text Editor

I love VIM.  It’s my favorite IDE.  I also hate notepad.  It’s extremely primitive and in no-way intuitive.  For that reason, I set GVIM ( Graphical VIM ) as the default text editor in my Windows environment — here’s the command: ftype txtfile=”C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim73\gvim.exe” –remote-tab-silent “%1” Please note, this command must be run as […]