Now That’s a Keyword!

I’ve recently rooted my S4 and am re-installing all the applications I had previously installed.  One of those applications is Google Analytics and I saw that it had been revamped since I last used it. I pulled up my blog’s analytics and found  some interesting keywords for my blog: sendmail -bv user unknow (intitile: ~resume […]

Vimeo wmode transparent

I occasionally run into the issue of needing to place something on top of a YouTube or in the case of a project I’m currently working on, Vimeo.  The embed code is an iframe and trying what I’d tried for Youtube doesn’t work ( append to the url ?wmode=transparent or if there are already parameters being passed, […]

Virtualbox | Ubuntu | Chrome – Rendering Issue

I’ve been having crazy problems with Chrome hanging on my Virtualbox build.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Chrome was causing Ubuntu’s rendering to crash.  All of a sudden when visiting a random site such as, the virtual machine would turn all black or all white or rendering would be all […]