Mailbox by Dropbox vs Google’s Gmail and Inbox

I am beyond surprised that I feel this way.  I’m a Google fanboy at heart and have been since I began my tech career over a decade ago.  Gmail was great.  I loved everything it stood for — and I very much still do.  After years of use however, I started getting bored.  Their Web […]

SOLVED: zf2 “Cannot handle content type ‘application/json’ automatically”

I have to admit, this was quite annoying to resolve and didn’t really have to be an issue in the first place. I’m using Zend Framework 2.3 and the following was my code: use Zend\Http\Client; use Zend\Http\Request; … $client = new Client($url); $client ->setHeaders([ ‘Content-Type’ => ‘application/json’, ]) ->setOptions([‘sslverifypeer’ => false]) ->setMethod(‘POST’) ->setParameterPost($params); The problem? […]