Virtualbox | Ubuntu | Chrome – Rendering Issue

I’ve been having crazy problems with Chrome hanging on my Virtualbox build.  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Chrome was causing Ubuntu’s rendering to crash.  All of a sudden when visiting a random site such as, the virtual machine would turn all black or all white or rendering would be all […]

My First Bash-Completion Script

By golly, I’ve finally done it!  I love bash completion and must have it on any shell-based device I own.  I’ve written countless numbers of scripts but for the most part, they’re fairly self-contained — with the exception of the “perms” script.  This script is nice and quick on a one-site box where I can […]

Linux ( Gnome/Unity/KDE ) + Virtualbox + Mouse issues

After the latest Ubuntu upgrade my mouse became extremely unstable.  I use Gnome 3 and at random times, my mouse’s X and Y values would jump to 0.  This made it difficult to complete simple tasks as well as the annoyance of Gnome’s hot window from the top left corner being triggered constantly just by […]