Review: Etekcity Scroll K9500 Gaming Keyboard and Scroll X1: 2400 DPI Gaming Mouse

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The Keyboard

This keyboard is quite impressive. It features six programmable keys on the left which can be set to an exhaustive array of functions including launching applications, mouse triggers, copy/paste/etc and much more.  The keys are backlit with 7 optional colors.  The backlight is bright, and can be set to low, high or “breathing” mode where the light fades in and out. The keyboard is quite sturdy and the keys are very comfortable.  I had to do some digging to figure out that fn + F12 is how you change the backlight color.  There are several rubber patches on the bottom of the keyboard but on the back, only under the feet.  This means if you don’t raise the feet, the back of the keyboard won’t be stable due to lack of rubber pads touching the desk. The software that comes with the keyboard is quite good with options to customize every key to serve a separate function, as well as set several completely different profiles for quickly switching between games or game->work->game.


  • Bright and vibrant backlit keys with 6 color options
  • Stable and sturdy when feet are raised
  • Arrow keys are wider than usual
  • Responsive with great tactile feedback
  • Very comfortable when using for prolonged periods
  • Full set of keys + 6 programmable keys


  • Lack of rubber pads when feet are not raised
  • Wire is not braided
  • Enter key is narrower than usual leading to accidentally hitting “/” when intending to hit enter
  • G1 key is to the left of the escape key causing accidental tapping of that key when intending to hit esc

The Mouse

I’m very happy with this mouse.  It’s actually replaced my $45.00 mouse because of the following:

I don’t think this mouse could have a better shape.  It fits so perfectly in my hand!  It comes with a rubberized grip that’s very soft to the touch and keeps the mouse from looking dirty after extensive usage.  The wire is braided, keeping it from turning into a mess.  There are two buttons on top of the mouse that allow you to quickly control the movement speed.  There are three levels, each represented by a different color of the logo.  I find that the lowest setting is my preferred speed.  There are also two buttons on the left side which default to “previous” and “next” but are programmable using the available software.


  • VERY comfortable
  • Rubberized texture provide an excellent grip
  • Braided cable
  • Two customizable keys near thumb key
  • Very accurate with three programmable speeds using the top buttons
  • Three LED colors — green (800 dpi), red (1600 dpi) and blue (2400 dpi)


  • LED colors aren’t fully controllable — Scroll wheel is always red and LED colors are coupled with the mouse speed setting.

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