Review: Etekcity 25 Premium 6″ Light up Toys Glow Sticks Lights Party Favors Supplies (Assorted Colors)

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Talk about some fun!  These glow sticks are rated for 8 hours but I gave some to my kids and the next night, they were still glowing!  They’re a lot of fun to play with, especially since they come with the string to make them into necklaces and/or spinners!  I was impressed with how bright they glowed and my gosh, the next day?!  They’re built very well, are non-toxic and come in many colors.  They’re packaged separately, each package having a colored dot letting you know what color is inside, making it easy to let the kids choose the one they want.

I actually had the kids playing with these in the living room and started to worry about them spinning them with the TV nearby.  I was able to tell them they could spin them as long as they kept the string around their neck which kept the glow sticks from flying out of their hands.  The kids had hours of fun with these and when it was time for bed, they hung the glow sticks on doorknobs, lighting the way to the bedroom.

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