Review: Goldie Blox Katinka’s Dream Racer

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I received this toy for free, to provide my honest review.  When I ordered this toy I didn’t think I’d be impressed when I saw how much of it looked to be paper.  I will say that the paper parts have actually held up pretty well.

The toy came in a small box that could easily be gift wrapped.  The instruction booklet and video were great resources to have while building the car.  I had to help the kids with the pink star pieces because they were a very snug fit — understandably so or the car wouldn’t hold together!  I have a couple of complaints/requests to make this product better:

  1. The ramp just did not hold well.  The kids kept coming back to me time and time again because the car would hit the side of of the ramp a couple of times which would cause it to fall apart.  Also, one of the images depicts the car going airborne which just makes me laugh.  I’d almost say the ramp can go away — replace the ramp with another set of the paper parts as backup.  The kids have plenty of ramps — notebooks, binders, etc. Let them use their imagination in figuring out how to make the car airborne!
  2. Several times while putting the wand through the car to tighten the spring, it would fly out of the back and the wand would separate from the spring.  A couple of times, the spring was hard to track down.  I think some sort of string or something to tie the wand to the spring would be useful to keep them together. Also, the kids were so excited to get the car going that we completely missed that the wand latches onto the bottom of the car.  Maybe a big arrow on those last couple of pages could help catch the eye.

Overall, I was very impressed with this product.  The kids had a great time playing with it and I’d recommend it as a fun and educational toy.

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