Now That’s a Keyword!

I’ve recently rooted my S4 and am re-installing all the applications I had previously installed.  One of those applications is Google Analytics and I saw that it had been revamped since I last used it.

I pulled up my blog’s analytics and found  some interesting keywords for my blog:

  • sendmail -bv user unknow
  • (intitile: ~resume or inurl:~resume or intitle: ~CV or inurl:~CV) (c# or “”) (“” or dotnet or “.net” or “”) (developer or develop or programmer or programming) (usa) -job -jobs -submit -apply -career -careers -phd -ph.d
  • gentoo keep system up to date
  • grep a ton of files
  • how to make grep faster
  • how to modify msgid in sendmail
  • make grep faster
  • new user approve, wordpress multi user

Looking through that list I guess grep needs to be a little faster, Gentoo needs to figure out how to autoupdate, WordPress needs better MU/MS support and last but definitely not the least — the second item in the list.

I tried Googling it hoping it’d return the prefect set of resumes but no.  I’m not quite sure what format that is — it almost looked like Google’s searh

2 thoughts on “Now That’s a Keyword!

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