WordPress MultiSite / MultiUser Registration Approval

I’ve been very fond of a plugin named new user approve written by Picklewagon. It allows you to open registration, and over-rides the default registration process of automatically allowing the user in and sending you ( the admin ) an e-mail — along with the newly registered user.

I’ve also been digging deep into WordPress multisite / multiuser, and have found that this plugin is not compatible — and no other plugin is, for this type of situation!  Going through the forums, I found that there’s a great need for this in WordPress MultiUser/MultiSite.  For that reason, I decided to go ahead and research what was causing the lack of execution of the approval process in registration.  Come to find out, WordPress’ register_post and registration_errors are not MultiSite / MultiUser friendly! Even WordPress 3.3.1 is still tied to the wpmu_validate_user_signup hook.

Luckily, the fix wasn’t too bad — I took the code for register_post and registration_errors and put them together in a new function call which I hooked to wpmu_validate_user_signup.

That did the trick!  This was a cool learning experience for me as I hadn’t dabbled into this type of functionality before and I have to say.. WordPress, I <3 you :).

P.S.  The goodies — I have zipped the plugin directory for your using pleasure, here: http://beshoy.girgis.us/files/2012/02/new-user-approve.zip

14 thoughts on “WordPress MultiSite / MultiUser Registration Approval

  1. I’m just curious if this version of the plugin is going to get submitted to the repository? Or if it’ll get merged with the main plugin? Either way, it would be great to know we can get easy updates via the repository.

    1. Hey Tevya,

      I don’t believe I can push to the repo as I’m not the creator of the plugin. I will try to track down the owner and see if they can merge my changes with their latest version; thanks.

    2. I just wanted to update you that I submitted my svn diff to @picklewagon via his contact form. I searched for a way to submit patches “officially” but ran into a few dead-ends. I have not gotten a response and no update to the app. If you guys have any ideas on how to get the patch submitted via the proper channels let me know; thanks.

  2. You have just saved my bacon. i also could not find anything that would work on a multisite installation fo wordpress but thanks to your efforts I now have a solution that works.

    Thank you very much Beshoy

  3. Hi, this is just what I was looking for. Thx.
    Unfortunately the Link to download your version is password protected. Could you please send me the archive directly or unlock the download link?


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